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How To Manage Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood and growing up, and it’s safe to say everyone experiences some level of anxiety through their lifetime. For a certain number of people, though, childhood anxiety may turn into teen and adult anxiety. In fact, … Continue reading

Sleep For Teens

Part 5 – Teens (13 – 18 years)
by Julia Gaines MD, FAAP
Invasion of the Teenagers
It finally happened – you are now the proud parent of a bonafide teenager! In a few short years, they’ll be off to college so they should be pretty self-sufficient as far as sleep goes by this point, … Continue reading

Sleep for School Aged Children

Part 4 – School aged children (6-12 years)
by Julia Gaines MD, FAAP
Kids, Kids, Kids
So, now you have a big kid – an interesting, smart, cool person who can tie their own shoes and brush their own teeth. So all those sleep problems should be old news, … Continue reading

Sleep for Toddlers

Part 3 – Toddlers (1-3 years)
by Julia Gaines MD, FAAP
Welcome to the Wild and Wooly Ways of Toddlers
Toddlerhood is an interesting time, to say the least. Your sweet little baby has been replaced by this perfect little person with their own opinions, … Continue reading