Prenatal Visits in Marietta, GA

Information for Expecting Parents

If you’re expecting, congratulations on the newexpectant parents holding ultrasoundest addition to your family!

We are excited and honored that you are considering Cobb Pediatrics to care for your newborn. Selecting the right pediatrician is a big decision. As a new parent, we believe it’s especially important to find a pediatrician with whom you feel comfortable and confident.

Scheduling a Complimentary Prenatal Visit

Cobb Pediatrics offers expectant parents the opportunity to schedule a private, one-on-one meeting with our providers. A prenatal visit is not required, but there’s no charge and no obligation and it gives you the opportunity to meet the doctor or nurse practitioner of your choice, ask questions, receive guidance, and tour our state-of-the-art facility.

Our office is paperless. If you would like to schedule a complimentary Prenatal Visit, please complete our registration form.

Upon receipt of your registration, our New Patient Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your appointment (typically the same business day). If you have any questions or if you need assistance, please call our office at (770) 425-5331

After the Baby Arrives

Once your baby is born, you simply need to notify the hospital staff that you have chosen Cobb Pediatrics to provide your baby’s pediatric healthcare. A hospital-staffed pediatrician will see your newborn while in the hospital, and they will also give you pertinent paperwork to bring with you to your first visit with us. Unless the hospital pediatrician recommends otherwise, the typical time frame for the baby’s first visit to our office is 1-3 days after you’re discharged. If you’ve been to our office for a prenatal visit, you will be pre-registered so scheduling your baby’s initial visit with will be us will be a breeze. Your first few days at home will be exciting (possibly chaotic) and you will have one less thing to worry about! Once you do get home, if you have any questions or concerns prior to your visit, we are just a phone call away.

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If you are expecting, meet with our pediatric specialists located in Marietta, Georgia. To schedule a prenatal visit, please call (770) 425-5331 to visit Cobb Pediatrics and discuss the benefits of making us your pediatric provider.

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