Pediatric Telemedicine in Marietta, GA

Cobb Pediatrics is excited to offer our patient’s telemedicine visits for certain conditions. Visits for ADHD and behavioral health can be done conveniently by telemedicine from your home. Your provider will discuss how you will receive your prescriptions with you during the visit. We can also do many sick visits virtually. At this time, all sick visits will be triaged by our nurses to determine what sort of visit may be appropriate for your child. Obviously, not all illnesses can be dealt with virtually. It is also possible that your provider may start a visit as a telemedicine visit and then feel that it is in your child’s best interest to see them in the office.

Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment

Telemedicine visits are available by appointment only. Please contact us at 770-425-5331 to schedule an appointment. Once your appointment has been confirmed with our office, you may click the link to your provider’s waiting room a few minutes prior to your appointment.

Informed Consent for Pediatric Telemedicine Services

Provider Waiting Rooms for Telemedicine Visits






How to Prepare for your Child’s Telemedicine Visit

Many of the policies that Cobb Pediatrics is setting in place for telemedicine visits are informed by the current COVID-19 crisis. Please understand that we are constantly weighing what is the best care for your child given the situation. We might feel it is less risky for your child to be evaluated virtually rather than go to a health care facility right now but when this crisis has past, the metric may change and be seen in the office might be the best choice. It is also possible that insurers who are currently covering telemedicine visits may choose to stop that benefit in the future, requiring cost-sharing or a return to face-to-face visits.

Since evaluating a patient on a virtual platform presents several challenges, here are some things you can do to make sure your provider can do the most effective visit possible:

  • If possible, record your child’s weight and temperature before the visit.
  • Have your child settled in a well-lit and quiet room and remove any unnecessary clothing, especially if you are worried about their breathing as the provider will need to see their chest.
  • Have a flashlight handy in case extra light is needed, especially if your child is complaining about a sore throat or a rash. Poorly lit video can really impede the accuracy of the visit.
  • Make sure you are on good wifi or an ethernet connection and not using data. A choppy connection will just frustrate everyone and may necessitate an in-office visit. You also want to make sure no one else in the house is streaming movies or anything else that can slow down your connection.
  • When taking care of patients, our guiding principle is always to do the best thing for your child. Often this does not involve medication and telemedicine doesn’t change that. Please understand that we will not prescribe antibiotics or other medications when they are not indicated or if we are unable to be sure of our diagnosis. To do otherwise would be to do potential harm to your child.
  • Unfortunately, telemedicine has waiting rooms just like the office does. When you log on to the telemedicine website, you will be placed in your provider’s waiting room until they are ready to see you. We hope your wait will not be long but if you do find you have been waiting longer than 20 minutes, please call our office in case there has been some sort of technical problem.

We hope your family is well. Please know that Cobb Pediatrics remains open and ready to take care of your children in the best way we know-how. Please call us with any questions or concerns and we hope to visit you virtually in your homes in the future!