Preventing Back To School Sports Injuries

It’s exciting for our children to be back in school. We have been craving some normalcy, and with school back in session, part of that routine will be sports. As you pack lunches and get them off in time, it’s equally important to prioritize preventing back to school sports injuries.

Begin With A Physical

Get your child off on the right foot with a back to school physical. Be sure he or she is fit to participate in sports and discover if there are any issues that need treatment before they start playing.

Stress The Importance Of Warming Up

Explain how every athlete, including professionals, start their work outs or sport by warming up. It is not a waste of time. It is a way to get your body loose and flexible, and most importantly, it prevents injuries.

In addition, impress upon them that not only is warming up important, but so is cooling down. injured boy grabbing his knee on the ground

Mix It Up

Some children are especially proficient at playing certain sports, and naturally they want to hone their skills, but it shouldn’t be to the exclusion of other sports. Certain muscles can suffer from “overuse” and this only becomes a recipe for injury. Encourage them to try out for other sports and to give themselves a break between seasons.

Force Them To Hydrate

Many kids fuss about drinking water. Explain as best you can about the necessity to stay hydrated while playing sports and especially on hot humid days. Be sure they have enough water before, during, and after they play a game or practice.

Make Protective Equipment Non-Negotiable

It’s a good idea to talk with the coach about what protective equipment is necessary. Don’t allow your child to play a sport unless they are properly outfitted. Helmets, shoes, cleats, pads, and other equipment are all designed to prevent injuries. Make sure they are the correct size and fit well.

Schedule an Appointment for Sports Injury Treatment in Marietta, GA

Even if the injury seems minor, it is always best practice to have the injury evaluated by a specialist like Cobb Pediatrics in Marietta, Georgia. Untreated minor injuries can progress to serious damage. If you notice your child limping, throwing differently, or rubbing a limb, this could be due to pain from an injury. Don’t ignore it. Contact Cobb Pediatrics at (770) 425-5331 if your child has pain that does not respond to rest or swelling at a joint.